T&C's for Bus and Billboards


  • Details of the Campaign are as set out in this Sales Contract.
  • All campaigns will follow the rules set by the Media Supplier.
  • Booked sites and busses are subject to change due to Suppliers booking/hold systems. At this time Stealth Media Ltd will liaise with the Client to find a suitable solution.


  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, charges for media costs shall be invoiced monthly.
  • In addition, the Client will pay all costs relating to:
    • installation and production of Advertising Material;
    • removal of Advertising Material in circumstances where the Client requires Advertising Material to be removed at a specific time.
    • All costs associated with design, artwork and preparation of Advertising Material for a Site.
  • All costs relating to terminating this Sales Contract and removing any Advertising Material
  • The Client is required to physically proof your own artwork before submission.
  • Stealth Media Ltd accepts no responsibility for any errors in print or image quality resulting from poor photography or artwork. If physical proofs are required, an additional charge will apply. All graphics will be printed as per the format provided.


  • The Client must, at least 10 days before the commencement of the display period, provide Stealth Media Ltd with a copy of the artwork for the Advertising Material, which is to scale and supplied as finished reflection or electronic art and which is requested.
  • Stealth Media Ltd will organise the production and printing of the Advertising Material from the artwork at reasonable commercial rates. Such rates will be advised to the Client when ascertained.
  • Where production is for Bus Advertising Material, the quantity to be produced will be the number to be displayed plus an additional quantity of spares being 10% for display periods not exceeding 12 weeks and 20% for display periods exceeding 12 weeks.
  • The Client may carry out its own printing and must be written into the Sales Contract. The Client must provide the Advertising Material ready to install no later than seven days prior to the commencement of the display period. They may be extra courier and freight costs involved.
  • A Client may not provide their own Bus print


  • If it is specified in this Sales Contract that the Advertising Material is changing out the creative, the Client must abide by all the rules as stated above.
  • All rules of the suppliers are to be followed.
  • Stealth Media Ltd will arrange the installation of the Advertising Material.
  • Stealth Media Ltd shall make every reasonable effort to have the Advertising Material installed at the Sites within five working days of the Start date or Change out date. Any additional costs will be the clients.
  • Stealth Media Ltd shall not be responsible for any installation delays caused by any act or thing beyond the Suppliers reasonable control, including where bad weather renders installation unsafe or impracticable.
  • Where an installation delay is caused solely by a supplier, Stealth Media Ltd will on behalf of the Client engage with the Supplier to allocate either a pro rata abatement of the charges or to a pro rata extension to the display of the Advertising Material on that Site, or a combination of both.
  • At the termination of a Campaign, the Supplier will dispose of the Advertising Material unless the Client has notified Stealth Media Ltd that it requires the Advertising Material to be retained and either forwarded to a specified address or collected by the Client within one month of the termination of the Campaign.


  • The Client must provide a copy of the creative to Stealth Media Ltd for approval no later than 10 days prior to the commencement of the Campaign.
  • If Stealth Media Ltd or a Supplier considers any Advertising Material is illegal or in breach of the standards issued by the Advertising Standards Authority the following will apply:
    • Stealth Media Ltd may refer the matter to the ASA for decision. If the ASA determines that the advertising is in breach of the Advertising Standards, the client will be liable for all costs incurred.
    • May not elect not to refer the matter to the ASA, no charges will be payable by the Client other than cost as part of the sales agreement.
  • Stealth Media Ltd accepts no responsibility for the Advertising Material prepared by or at the request of the Client.


  • Stealth Media Ltd is not liable for any damage to the Advertising Material on a Site.
  • The Client is not liable for any damage to the frame of the billboard, except where, it is likely that the damage to the frame of the billboard was caused as a result of the Advertising Material.
  • When booking buses on preferred routes and from designated depots: These may change as necessity of the Supplier and will be in line with the Suppliers Terms and Conditions.
  • This Sales Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties relating to its subject matter and supersedes all prior agreements, correspondence or understandings between them. No express or implied representation or promise given by a Stealth Media Ltd representative shall bind Stealth Media Ltd unless contained or embodied in this Sales Contract.

TERMINATION: In the event that:

  • The Supplier is forced to cancel the agreement or
    • any amount payable by the Client to Stealth Media Ltd is overdue or in Stealth Media Ltd’s opinion the Client is unlikely to be able to meet its payment or other obligations.
    • the Client breaches any other term of this Sales Contract or fails to meet any other obligation; or
    • the Client becomes insolvent, has a receiver appointed in respect of all or some of its assets, makes or is likely to make an arrangement with its creditors or has a liquidator.
  • Then without prejudice to its other remedies Stealth Media Ltd will be entitled to, in its absolute discretion:
    • terminate this Sales Contract
    • require the Client to pay any costs of removal of Advertising Material displayed under this Sales Contract.


  • The Client may cancel this Sales Contract at any time up to the date that is 3 months prior to the commencement of the Campaign with 50% of the full media cost payable upon cancellation for the full term of the Sales Contract. If the Sales Contract is within the 3 month start date, 100% cancellation is payable. All cancellation notices or requests must be made in writing and the Client must confirm receipt of the cancellation notice or request with Stealth Media Ltd.

Stealth Media Ltd may amend these terms and conditions at any time at its discretion.

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