Bus Advertising

With 2+ million New Zealanders exposed to Bus advertising on a weekly basis which offers high exposure and recall it’s a great way to promote your brand. The general public notice bus adverts because they move and interestingly enough people prefer buses with advertising. Consumers are twice as likely to remember a moving ad, giving bus advertising the power to change people’s minds and shift brand preference.

*AC Nielsen Study 2010/2011

The beauty of bus ads are your ad can be placed on multiple sides of the bus - on the back, curbside, roadside or the entire bus can be wrapped in your ad. This diversity allows advertisers to reach pedestrian and motorists specific to their campaign objectives. Bus audiences are diverse and this product set is best suited to advertisers seeking broadcast reach amongst multiple demographics.

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- Reach & Frequency

  • Cost effective for mass reach.
  • Great for frequency campaigns.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • Call to action.
  • Targets drivers & passengers.

- Targets Pedestrians

  • Proximity to path of purchase.
  • Premium panel suits high involvement brands.
  • Highly visible in retail precincts.
  • Easily viewed by pedestrians & waiting bus passengers.

- Premium Showcase

  • High reach and CBD exposure.
  • Premium panel.
  • Rewards strong creative.
  • Available on premium bus routes.
  • Targets drivers, passengers & pedestrians.

- The Roaming Billboard

  • High impact panel.
  • Large creative canvas.
  • Visual impact of a high quality billboard.
  • Targets drivers, passengers & pedestrians.

- Own The Streets

  • Maximum impact.
  • 270 degree viewing angle.
  • Conveys power, confidence & prestige to magnify brands.
  • Creates the greatest opportunity to see.

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