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NZ websites face getting bumped from Google if not mobile-friendly

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In today’s day and age the internet can be accessed through a vast variety of different devices. These devices have different display capabilities, and not all websites are designed to respond to such different display capabilities. This results in users experiencing difficulty to view the contents of certain websites, especially when viewing it on their mobile devices.

With approximately 60% of the world’s online traffic currently coming from mobile devices, it’s no wonder that Google, one of the Web’s greatest search engines, has made a major update to its mobile search algorithm. This update changes the order in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their mobile devices.

Google's updated algorithm favours websites that are responsive to mobile devices, or mobile-friendly websites, and such sites are ranked higher in search results. Websites that are not mobile-friendly are now simply demoted, and dropped down the ranks in search results.

The repercussions thereof will be a tremendous drop in the numbers of visitors to sites that are not responsive to mobile devices, which may have a negative impact on business for businesses which have such sites.

As mentioned before, approximately 60% of the world’s online traffic currently comes from mobile devices, and that percentage is expected to grow drastically within the next few years.

Be pro-active now and don’t allow your website to drop down the ranks in search results. Let the experts at Stealth Media, Auckland NZ, upgrade your site with Responsive Website Design, and ensure that it remains at the top of the rankings of search results.

Let's prevent that negative impact on your business.


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