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Take advantage of website finance for your business

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A tight budget should not stop you from getting the new website your business needs.  As a web development company, we understand that businesses need flexibility to make their companies grow. That’s why we offer a convenient financing service for our website design and digital marketing projects.

Stealth Media is a proud partner of Q Card / Q Mastercard. We are one of only a handful of New Zealand website providers that can offer our customers the best website finance service available! If you need finance for your website or eCommerce site, talk to us now as we’re here to make it easy.

What is Q Card and how can it help you?

By using the Q Card finance option, you can have your website designed and go live as soon as it is ready without an initial big payment to worry about. This will help you with cashflow and gives you the opportunity to start earning right away.  

Financing your website with Q Card enables you to have the new, updated website that your company or small business needs at an affordable price. Our customers have the option of a maximum of 12 months interest free payments when they use their Q Card for the purchase of a new website or a website revamp by Stealth Media.

If you have a Q Card already, great. If you don’t, we can easily guide you through the process. Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss what website package will be best for your business. Your new website can be a reality with easy payment options.